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How to use lip gloss???

I know this may sound simple, but applying your lip gloss correctly is not easy for some...

Here are a few tips on how to apply your lip gloss!!!💋

  1. Secret #1 Use a Lip Liner as a Base.

  2. Secret #2 Put Your Matte to Work.

  3. Secret #3 Use a Setting Powder.

  4. Secret #4 Try a Lip Primer.

  5. Secret #5 Get Supple Lips.

  6. Secrete #6 Go with a Quality Lip Gloss.

  7. Secret #7 Avoid Rubbing Your Lips.

  8. Mented Lip Gloss for Women of Color.

Lip Gloss is also great moisturizer for the lips because it typically has vitamin E & different oil base.

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